Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Relaxed Boho Chic

Today was such a nice day, I just had to do a shoot! And I'm really pumped about my new wedge sneakers. It's all the rage right now, don't you know? ;). It's my favorite trend at the moment But seriously these shoes are great, because if you are like me, we like heels. But the thing with heels is they are not the comfiest shoes in our closet. I mean duh. So with these sneaker wedges, it's the best of both worlds! I can honestly wear them without complaining for about 6 hours. 6 hour heels are pretty good. 

Hope everyone's day was as good as mine! To find out complete outfit details read on. 

What I'm wearing:

  Urban Outfitter High-Top Wedge Sneaker  //  Urban Outfitter Slit Skirt  //  Hardtail Shirt  //  Flea Market Southwestern Turquoise Ring  //  Boho Bag from HopSing

What's your favorite trend right now? 


P.S. A big thank you to the most handsomeist wonderful amazing hottie boy friend for taking my pics :)

Okay bye now for real :))) 


  1. Your gorgeous and I love the wedges!!! You're right - I love your style..just became #39 :-)

♥ Elle 
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    1. Aww Elle thank you so much!! I am so glad you found me!


  2. Your kinda cute, I kinda like you:) It would be an honor to take you out on a date... Will you go to sea world with me this weekend? I love you babe!

  3. I love the ring! You and your boyfriend are such an adorable couple too:)

  4. COOL! Sneakers are amazing!



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