Thursday, December 12, 2013

Winter Sun

Hi loves, I don't have much today but this short and sweet quote. Hope it helps you like it does for me sometimes! xo

"The minute you think of giving up, think of the reason why you held on so long..." So keep going :). 

Happy December! It's almost Christmas! Eek! 

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Friday, December 6, 2013

Whatever She's Got

Went to the Hop again. Hop Sing that is. Lauren hooked me up with this get up. Free People galore mixed with a bit of AG denim, topped up with my favorite Soul Makes Jewelry

Like I said we're pullin' out some Free Peeps today for this look. I just got these lace up ever did I wait?? Get the dang shoes. Trust me. I wear them with everything! Today I'm wearing them with this Free People Ombre Foil Dress, which is a super cute holiday dress! 

You can pair it with the classic denim jacket, or for a more tailored look, grab your favorite blazer. For a comfy date night with your boy, layer a sweater over it. Ummm cute. Today's denim jacket is from AG. AG is short for Adriano Goldschmied. They are based in LA and their denim is the most luxurious and wearable denim I've ever owned. You AG owners know what I mean! Each jean and jacket are hand made to feel like it's been worn a thousand times like your favorite pair of jeans...hence the comfiness. 

And what better than a beautiful necklace from Soul Makes to finish my look today. The White Crystal necklace is the perfect 'cherry on top' to this get-up. Find complete outfit details below and shop the post below that! It's okay to totally copy my look. Go ahead. :) Have a beautiful Friday! 

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Winter Neutral

Hi friends! Sorry I've been MIA for the last week. Thanksgiving was so wonderful, my boyfriend and his whole precious family came up to our house for the holiday. We ended up having 30 people over at the ranch. It was simply the best day. My favorite part, besides the delicious food, of course, was just sitting back snuggling with Brennan and watching all the love that was in our house that day. I loved just watching my family and our friends interact, smile, and laugh. Ahhh! Fed my soul! But anyways last week I turned off my computer and my phone and didn't do anything online. It was kinda nice :). But it's good to be back and refreshed. I hope everyone's Thanksgiving was just as amazing as mine :). What was your favorite part? 

Today I have the pleasure of representing Umgee USA again! If you don't remember Umgee, I share a bit more about them here on my previous post. Unfortunetly, Umgee is a wholesaler, which means you're not able to shop for one piece. You'd have to be a store owner to carry their line. But don't fret, I have the products listed below!

Today's look I was inspired by winter neutrals. Some ladies are still on the whole "can't wear whites after labor day" train. While I agree, some whites should be outlawed after labor day, not all necessarily should. Stick with these tips and you'll be a pro.

1. LOOK AT THE FABRIC. Tip number one. Okay this is huge. Instead of always looking at the color, focus on the fabric. If you find something white that is velvet, satin, wool, cashmere, or leather, you can't go wrong. 

2. WHITE/OFF WHITE Sweaters. Get a white or off white sweater (like I'm wearing in today's post) and you're golden. A fun winter white sweater is a must-have for the winter season. Because, it is a neutral. Layer it over any dress with tights, or pair it with any pant and boot.

3. ADD TIGHTS. Another great idea to getting Whites in Winter right is adding black tights. Unlike me in today's post, throw on some black tights to create the perfect winter look. Black and white together is always right, and oh so classy. Have a winter white velvet dress? Think you can't, put some black tights, and wedge booties and statement necklace for the perfect holiday-dress-up look. 

Today's Look:

UMGEE USA Fuzzy Ivory Sweater  //  UMGEE Ivory Lace Up Skirt (Let me know if interested and I can find you a link!)  //  

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Flight Of Fancy Giveaway!

One thing that I'm thankful for today is my new jewelry from Flight Of Fancy that I'm wearing in todays post. Flight of Fancy is another jewelry company that I love. Their designs are simple yet beautifully creative, feminine with a touch of bohemian edge. I'm wearing two of their necklaces: The first necklace I'm wearing is the Make It Your's Necklace.  I. love. this. This could be the perfect gift for someone special...especially with the holiday's coming up!! Create your own necklace by choosing one 5 letter word. I chose Trust 2. The Lucky Penny Necklace. Beyond being totally cute (and certainly a great layering necklace), this necklace stands for something much greater, because with every penny necklace you buy, 50% of goes to a different charity or non-profit every month. But... lucky for you I'm I'm hosting a giveaway for this lucky penny necklace! Win it. See how you enter below. (instagram contest).

I'm also wearing some Odd Molly again today. I featured them in my last post with their Runaway Cardigan and their Cotton Embroidered Blouse. Today I'm wearing their knit pants. These are apart of their spring line, which will be coming soon. If interested in viewing similar pairs, go here. These leggings are totally my new favorite pants. "Wait, Emily...did you say pants?" "Aw, well yes I did dear." These leggings...I mean pants are a neutral! Wear them with almost anything in your closet... a simple tee, a graphic tee, oversized sweater, chambray...the opportunities are endless. So get the dang pants.

 Lauren from Hop Sing Boutique is hookin' me up again today. Her store is my closet at times. Today I'm wearing a Chaser Tee, Free People Jacket, and beanie all available at Hop Sing Trading Co! 

See Complete Outfit Deets below!  

have a wonderful thanksgiving :) :) xoxo

Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet Odd Molly

Monday! Yay! This week is Thanksgiving. Oh my goodness so so excited! Who's with me? Thanksgiving for me may tie with Christmas for my most favorite holiday. My boy friend and his whole family is coming out from California to stay with me and my family up at the ranch. I can hardly wait. What are your plans? I'd love to hear! 

Today I'm so excited to introduce my collaboration with Odd Molly! Have you heard of Odd Molly? If you haven't, then I'm so excited to be the first one to share them with you. They are originally based out of Sweden, but are definitely making their mark in the US. Their clothes are so feminine, well-made, and sheer perfect down to every last detail. I'm showing pieces from their upcoming Spring Line, but I went ahead and linked to similar items on their website if you're interested! I highly recommend you check out their site :). 

And if you're wondering about my adorable crossbody purse?? It's a Cut N' Paste. Go check them out too. Amazing. This particular bag I'm wearing today is available at Hop Sing Trading Co. Hop Sing is the cutest store in all of Arizona. My sweet friend, Lauren owns and runs the store with her husband Jeff. They are the kindest people and not to mention, Lauren has exceptional taste. She is so inspiring to me. She is the queen of mixing your boho, western, feminine, preppy, or grunge pieces all together to make the coolest look of all. If you're ever near Prescott, AZ, go visit! It's worth the trip :). 

Anthropologie Pilcros (Pants)  //  Odd Molly Top  (Similar) //  Odd Molly Sweater (Similar) //  Cut N' Paste Crossbody