Thursday, October 31, 2013

Pickup Trucks and Country Music

Fall is finally here. I know it has been here, but now it finally feels like it! Leaves are turning, my mom has decked out our fall decorations...and when that happens, it really feels real :). I got to drive up to the ranch today. So happy. I don't think I love a place more. This morning I rode with my dad...we're trying out a new horse. His name is Nick. I like him, so I'm hoping my dad does too :). 

Anyways, I'm so excited to be featuring two wonderful companies today! The adorable tank is from my always favorite, PB&J Boutique...don't forget to follow them on their instagram! This Judith March tank is the perfect layering piece for fall. Lots of people think that they have to fold up their cute tanks when it gets colder outside. Don't! Wear a fun jacket, sweater, or blazer over it, like I do here. If you need a fun new tank, go get this one. I mean it says, 'I love pickup trucks & country music'...if you're anything like me, after I saw it, I knew it had to be a new addition to my closet. 

And the shorts. Okay. Aren't they the cutest?! They are from Gypsan. Gypsan carries clothing and accessories and everything you find on their website is super trendy, affordable, and has a great bohemian feel. I love it. If you haven't heard of them, go check them out on their website or instagram. These shorts, even though going into fall, are very neutral and easy to wear. You may be intimidated by the fringe, but don't be. Pair them with a tank and long cardigan like I do here, or wear them with a plaid shirt, loose off-the-shoulder sweater, ect. I'm doing another post with these babies to give you another idea on how to wear them :). 

Happy Thanksgiving dolls!

Gypsan Fringe Shorts  //  PB&J Tank  //  Free People long cardigan 


Saturday, October 26, 2013

Halloween Essentials

Okay. I'll admit it. I'm not a huge Halloween fan...first of all, it's a scary holiday and I mean, who wants to be scared and freaked out? Not me. I get scared by watching World War Z. And number two...I've never been into the dressing slutty thing. I mean what the heck is a sexy kitten? haha I've never seen one of those! Okay now that I've gotten that off of my chest, I totally don't disagree with getting into the spirit by wearing red lips, black nail polish, gold shadow and one of these cute sweaters. My "halloween" essentials have my stamp of approval ;). That being said, if you'd rather be a sexy....fill in the blank this Halloween, I won't pass judgment. Have fun loves! 

Oh! And it's my sister's birthday! So happy sweet Allie sister! She is 23 today. She's so gorgeous, she has a pretty heart too :) BONUS!...and boys...she's single. Not sure if any guys read my blog (if so, that's awesome) but anyways just thought I'd throw that out there. If you want to wish her a happy birthday here is her instagram :) And since it is her birthday, I'm going to post some photos I did for her a couple weeks ago! Here you go Allie. Love you so much xo

Halloween Essentials

Free People

Free People

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Uncommon Wren

Today I'm wearing the beautiful designs of The Uncommon Wren. Wren, the designer is truly talented. If ever you are wanting to expand your boho jewelry collection...look no further. You cannot choose wrong in her shop, everything is so beautiful! They are all made so well, creative, and one of a kind. I can't get enough of my pieces! Every time I wear the Indian Summer Necklace, people stop me asking where I got it! So I'm so happy to share with you! Hope you go check out her site and follow her on instagram, her feed is gorge. 

Today I'm proudly wearing: 


Monday, October 21, 2013

Karma Kandy

Happy Monday my loves! Today I have the pleasure of introducing Karma Kandy! Karma Kandy has provides the latest and greatest jewelry and accessory wait...affordable prices. Yay! Today I'm featuring the Bauble Necklace :). Go get yours today! 

Today I'm wearing my necklace with my new overalls. I've loved overalls for forever and finally found the perfect slouchy comfy pair! Overalls are perfect for fall. Pair them with your favorite tee or crop top like I have here. Accessorize with a floppy boho hat, favorite statement necklace, scarf, or long sleeve tee. Hope it inspires you to pull out your fav pair of overs! 

xo Have a good day lovelies! 

BDG Denim Overall  //  Bauble Necklace  //  Urban Outfitters (Crop Tee) SALE 


Thursday, October 17, 2013


Happy Thursday! For my look today, I went, the classic, Black and Gold. It's nice to go simple and streamline sometimes. I love the this little black dress with the gold zipper running down the front. The dress is from Umgee USA. Love them. It was a perfect pairing with this black target hat- with the gold detailing around the base of the hat. My inspiration for this outfit was just thinking about the holiday's coming up! Everyone needs a LBD right (little black dress)? It is not only the classic choice, but also, for this time of year, you won't be able to wear it enough! It'd be perfect for all those fun parties coming up! 

If wearing your LBD during the day, grab this Target floppy hat and rock it during the day with nude pumps or a pretty gold sandal. If wearing it at night, ditch the hat, tie your hair up... or in my case, give it a comb ;)... grab a slick neutral or colored blazer and're a rockstar. 

Front Line Zipper Dress (Umgee: A8176)  //  Steve Madden Realove Footwear  //  Target Hat