Monday, October 14, 2013

Brooklyn Bound

Hi readers! Okay so this past week has been so crazy. So I'm sorry for not posting! I have this new serving job (so fun) and I started back up again at Anthropologie in Scottsdale. I missed it- I just had to go back! I'm missing my Newport store though. Those girls are the absolute sweetest. But anyways, I'm working both jobs. Almost everyday. Maybe I'm a baby, or just not used to it, but my feet and legs have never been so mad at me. Blisters all over my feet and my legs feel like jello. As soon as I get home I just collapse. 

Now that I've bestowed all my complaints on you, I can now share something awesome. Here's another great tee from Life Clothing Co. Are you convinced they have the coolest tees and tanks?? I certainly am. Go visit them at their:

Website  //  Facebook  //  Instagram

I wore the tee today with my new Anthro Gold Skirt. I just love it! I recommend every girl gets it. It's perfect for the Christmas season! And you can of course dress it up and make it glam with a pretty and simple blouse, hair up, and simple chic jewelry....or you can make it casual and fun by pairing it with something more casual like a tee! Pairing something extra feminine, like the skirt, always goes well with something more grunge, like a tee, camo jacket, messy hair, and boots. Cool? Got it? Good. :)

Shop the whole look here! 



  1. Oh gosh, you certainly are working a lot! I hope that you have time to relax now and then!

  2. Love this look! I agree making a dressy piece more casual is so much fun.

  3. I love how you paired it with the shimmery skirt!! so pretty!

  4. Love the outfit. That skirt is a dream!


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