Tuesday, July 31, 2012

China Town & Little Italy

Another day in New York! This day we traveled to China and Italy...not literally of course :). China Town and Little Italy are in the Lower side of Manhattan. It was super fun! Lots of color and lots of stuff. It reminded me of the Fashion District in L.A. I got some necklaces made with wooden beads for $5. What a deal, right? The only downfall is that they have a big wooden Jesus on them. I thought of Ke$ha's verse in her song Tik Tok, "Got Jesus on my necklace" haha. Only it isn't cute. It's awful. I think I'll just take that Jesus bead off. We also went to the Kardashian's store, Dash. It didn't impress me much :/. There was some good stuff in there but pretty expensive.


Mom and her pretty nails.

Later that night we went to the Broadway Musical, Lion King. Auhhhhmazing!!!!! "There is simply nothing else like it!" :)



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kleinfeld Day!

So today I am waiting at the airport waiting to go see my wonderful friend Melissa! She lives in Washington. I have never been there, but I can't wait! I am just the travel queen this summer. It's crazy to think that last week I was in New York. Last week today we were strollin through the streets of New York. This day in New York we went to Kleinfelds...the place where, "Say Yes to the Dress," is filmed. While we wish I could have been filmed, I was so happy to even get in. The Boaz girls made an appointment for me a while before we went to New York. I felt so guilty because I am not engaged! So we totally pretended and they bought it. We had to make up some elaborate stories. Regardless, this was one of my favorite things we did in New York. I tried on every style of dress and decided that my best choices for my body type are the "mermaid" and the "fit to flare" styles. I'm sorry to report that we weren't allowed to take photos in there, but the girls did some spy work and snuck this one in. And this one picture showed my favorite gown so it all worked out :). This one is a Lazaro fit to flare. I loved it!!!!

After Kleinfelds we went to a resale store which is so my thing. I love finding vintage pieces. Then that night we went to Cafe' Americano, which is.... Bobby Flay's restaurant (well one of them at least). It was so good! I got a Ribeye. Delish!!!!!! Fun fact about me: I love the Food Network. Like its my favorite thing to watch. Ever. For anyone who watched Food Network Star this season, aren't you all glad that Justin won!!!!???? When he won I screamed in happiness. Then my mom and sister got mad at me because we were in the hotel. Oops :).

Anyways here are a few shots from the day...of all of the wonderful ladies on our trip with us :)

Kleinfelds with my Lazaro Dress :)

Me :) Free People Top and Blouse. 
Miss Allie Jane

Loarie (the other Mom)

Culinary Institute of NY!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rancher's Daughter Takes New York!

New York! Oh my goodness. I love it. New York is so busy! But in a different way than L.A. or any other city I've been in. There is always something to look at, smell, hear, and touch. It's crazy. And I won't even go into all of the differences between here and the ranch... as a matter of fact, I don't think there is any similarity between here and the ranch. New York is great, always something to do and to see, people always around, but I think it could get old. I'd need an escape. I guess that is what Central Park is for. Central Park is beautiful! If I lived there, that park would be my saving grace. 

Oh! And okay I don't understand why all people say New Yorkers are rude! Everyone we talked to was so helpful, polite, and kind! Another positive thing about New York is the fashion...on the men's side. Okay I don't know how many men were dressed in suits and ties or expensive jeans and a fancy shirt. I was amazed! The women's fashion was surprising. I was expecting the women to be in stiletto shoes and some gorgeous outfit. While there were a few, the majority of the women were dressed in ugly comfy shoes, a pencil skirt, and a blouse. Hair in a bun. Nothin fancy. Oh and also there were hardly any blondes. Boy did I stick out. I looked like a guru with all of my colors, long blonde hair, high-heeled boots or wedges. My mom said, "Honey, you belong in L.A, you are no New York girl." I thought wow, thanks mom, really helpin the self-confidence here. 

Anyways, these photos are from the day we went to see the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island! Boy was it fun :). It was raining and cold, but it seemed to fit my perception of New York weather. Some instagram pics are mixed in with the ones from "The Precious." (what I call my camera.)

Sister on the Subway. The Subway was so cool! 

This is Abby. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting There is Half the Fun!

We're going to New York!! Whoop Whoop! First time ever for me. I am so excited! I am going with my mom and older sister, Allie and our friends, the Boaz girls: Lorie, AllieJane (AJ), and Abby. We are going to go to museums, fancy-pants restaurants, Central Park, Saks Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Broadway plays, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Little Italy, Soho, ChinaTown, Kleinfelds (Say Yes to the Dress Wedding Boutique), the 9/11 Memorial, and much more! Talk about adventures :) :). It'll be nothin' like Arizona, that's for sure. 

Our flight landed in Baltimore for us to switch planes to fly into Laguardia...but we ran into a little trouble. Who would have imagined, right?! haha well our flight was delayed a couple hours. So we waited. And waited. Then waited some more until it was delayed a few more hours! Yay. About 20 minutes after the second delay, they announced that our flight had been cancelled. So sad! We later found out that our flight was the last one flying into Laguardia that day. Ugh!! So while we were deciding what to do this man came up to us and wanted to use our phone cause his died. Turns out he lived in New York. He was determined to get to New York that night, as were we, so we teamed up with him. We became a great team! We ended up renting two cars and driving for four hours from Baltimore into the city. Thank goodness we were with him because it would have been so stressful trying to get there and to drive in that crazy New York traffic! But we got there. Finally in the wee hours of the night. But it didn't seem that way in the city...I guess they don't call it "The City that Never Sleeps" for nothing.  

It was such a long day adventure, but we were so thankful that we got to New York that day. And driving under the Lincoln Tunnel and through Times Square for the first time is a memory that I'll never forget :).

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get the Look!

Good morning! As you can see there is more to my blog today than just this post. I redesigned it! I stayed up so late last night trying to figure out coding, fonts, colors, designing, ect. I hope you all like it! I know I do, I think it looks more together and unique. I was so inspired by all of the cute blogs out there. Two in particular that I love is Hop Sing's blog and SLomyGosh's blog. They are both similar but both so adorable. I love how custom they are. Anyways, speaking of Hop Sing, this outfit I'm modeling came from there! So... if you're likin this look move fast and get it because all syles are going fast! Right now we have seven racks for 30% off plus all purses and shoes are 20% off. 

What I am wearing (all found at Hop Sing):

the new Free People Tunic from their July catalog HS
AG denim shorts (yes they're under there) HS
purse and purse tassel from HS 
Nicole shoes. Style: Lance HS
Floppy Hat from HS
Bracelets and Cuffs from HS

P.s. All of the photos are taken by the owner of Hop Sing, Lauren, on her ipad. Yes. Be impressed. 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Granite Pit Goodness

Chello! I am so happy because I have time to make a blog post today! I have been workings and workings at Hop Sing... my favorite store in the whole wide world. Anyways, to the post. Here are a few pics Brennan and I did when he was in town. As a couple we love photos. I think every couple does. And with me being a photographer and artist, I seriously NEED photos. So every time I get the chance we have a photo shoot. Now this one was a little hard because like a dummy I forgot my friend, Tracy's tripod at school in California...so my tripod this time was a rusty old chair (hey whatever does the trick, right?). So if you are thinking, why are they off center? why are their heads cut off? why? why? why?... well it is because my camera was resting on that old rusty chair. Despite our technical difficulties, this photo shoot got goofy!! As you can see from my poses and from our faces we were in full silly mode (and what is more fun than that). 

Our location: The Granite Pit. The Granite Pit is up from our house and it is full of...guess it...Granite! Whoop! Never would of guessed right? It is kinda fun climbing on all of the rock piles jumping around like hooligans. We didn't do that this time cause I was wearing my moms shoes...Shhh! But I do remember as a little girl, more like little boy, I'd pretend I was a professional rock climber or something and climb up the rocks here. One time, I fell off this super slick rock and cut myself all up. Blood was dripping off my knees and elbows and the funny part is that I thought it was so cool. I have a scar from it on my knee along with many others. Oh...the good ol' days of being a tomboy, not much has changed though. Today I'd consider myself a fashionable tomboy...if there is such a thing :). 

ya. no comment. enjoy.

Isn't he cute!