Monday, July 23, 2012

Getting There is Half the Fun!

We're going to New York!! Whoop Whoop! First time ever for me. I am so excited! I am going with my mom and older sister, Allie and our friends, the Boaz girls: Lorie, AllieJane (AJ), and Abby. We are going to go to museums, fancy-pants restaurants, Central Park, Saks Fifth Avenue, Times Square, Broadway plays, the Statue of Liberty, Central Park, Little Italy, Soho, ChinaTown, Kleinfelds (Say Yes to the Dress Wedding Boutique), the 9/11 Memorial, and much more! Talk about adventures :) :). It'll be nothin' like Arizona, that's for sure. 

Our flight landed in Baltimore for us to switch planes to fly into Laguardia...but we ran into a little trouble. Who would have imagined, right?! haha well our flight was delayed a couple hours. So we waited. And waited. Then waited some more until it was delayed a few more hours! Yay. About 20 minutes after the second delay, they announced that our flight had been cancelled. So sad! We later found out that our flight was the last one flying into Laguardia that day. Ugh!! So while we were deciding what to do this man came up to us and wanted to use our phone cause his died. Turns out he lived in New York. He was determined to get to New York that night, as were we, so we teamed up with him. We became a great team! We ended up renting two cars and driving for four hours from Baltimore into the city. Thank goodness we were with him because it would have been so stressful trying to get there and to drive in that crazy New York traffic! But we got there. Finally in the wee hours of the night. But it didn't seem that way in the city...I guess they don't call it "The City that Never Sleeps" for nothing.  

It was such a long day adventure, but we were so thankful that we got to New York that day. And driving under the Lincoln Tunnel and through Times Square for the first time is a memory that I'll never forget :).


  1. I MISS YOU! But soooo love your stories!....:)

  2. I miss you too!!! It was so fun!! Have a good day! Wish I was there!


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