Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Get the Look!

Good morning! As you can see there is more to my blog today than just this post. I redesigned it! I stayed up so late last night trying to figure out coding, fonts, colors, designing, ect. I hope you all like it! I know I do, I think it looks more together and unique. I was so inspired by all of the cute blogs out there. Two in particular that I love is Hop Sing's blog and SLomyGosh's blog. They are both similar but both so adorable. I love how custom they are. Anyways, speaking of Hop Sing, this outfit I'm modeling came from there! So... if you're likin this look move fast and get it because all syles are going fast! Right now we have seven racks for 30% off plus all purses and shoes are 20% off. 

What I am wearing (all found at Hop Sing):

the new Free People Tunic from their July catalog HS
AG denim shorts (yes they're under there) HS
purse and purse tassel from HS 
Nicole shoes. Style: Lance HS
Floppy Hat from HS
Bracelets and Cuffs from HS

P.s. All of the photos are taken by the owner of Hop Sing, Lauren, on her ipad. Yes. Be impressed. 

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  1. The ranchers daughter has got serious "it" factor! Hop Sing fell in love with you at first site... and hopes to share the "POS" with you (on our side) for many many years to come! Can't wait till your a hometown girl full time... Again!


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