Monday, July 16, 2012

Granite Pit Goodness

Chello! I am so happy because I have time to make a blog post today! I have been workings and workings at Hop Sing... my favorite store in the whole wide world. Anyways, to the post. Here are a few pics Brennan and I did when he was in town. As a couple we love photos. I think every couple does. And with me being a photographer and artist, I seriously NEED photos. So every time I get the chance we have a photo shoot. Now this one was a little hard because like a dummy I forgot my friend, Tracy's tripod at school in my tripod this time was a rusty old chair (hey whatever does the trick, right?). So if you are thinking, why are they off center? why are their heads cut off? why? why? why?... well it is because my camera was resting on that old rusty chair. Despite our technical difficulties, this photo shoot got goofy!! As you can see from my poses and from our faces we were in full silly mode (and what is more fun than that). 

Our location: The Granite Pit. The Granite Pit is up from our house and it is full of...guess it...Granite! Whoop! Never would of guessed right? It is kinda fun climbing on all of the rock piles jumping around like hooligans. We didn't do that this time cause I was wearing my moms shoes...Shhh! But I do remember as a little girl, more like little boy, I'd pretend I was a professional rock climber or something and climb up the rocks here. One time, I fell off this super slick rock and cut myself all up. Blood was dripping off my knees and elbows and the funny part is that I thought it was so cool. I have a scar from it on my knee along with many others. Oh...the good ol' days of being a tomboy, not much has changed though. Today I'd consider myself a fashionable tomboy...if there is such a thing :). 

ya. no comment. enjoy.

Isn't he cute!


  1. Okay... he is ridiculous... lucky girl!

    1. Isn't he?! Thanks for your comment :) Have a good night!


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