Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Rodeo Time!

Howdy Hey! Hopefully up in Prescott everybody knows that it is rodeo week here in Prescott Arizona! Since the 28th, I have been to the rodeo every night carrying our great Arizona flag. Also, everyone should know its the centennial year for Arizona! The rodeo here in Prescott, is the World's Oldest Rodeo; it started in 1888. There were rodeo's before this, but this wonderful rodeo is named the oldest because it is the first rodeo that ever took record of the competitors and events. There are some fun facts for you :). Anyways, if you haven't been to the rodeo yet, I suggest you do...it's so much fun! I love love love it. Today's photos are taken by my fabulous mom fyi... she is great, isn't she?! Have a great day everyone, if you are at the rodeo tonight come say hi! I'll be the blonde girl in the black hat :) 

Love my sweet haus...His name is Simon. Okay okay he isn't really mine, he is Harry Vold's horse, but I like to think its mine :) Isn't he pretty?! 

This is my sweet friend, Cassie. She carries the American Flag on Sunny and does a beautiful job! Sunny and Simon are best friends. 

Nothin like a rodeo kid. This is Court. 

Here is my dad :) Handsome isn't he?

Told you. Country kids are the best. 

Gotta throw some Instagrams in here! 

Mom & Me

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