Sunday, October 30, 2011

Princess Caroline

This is Miss Caroline. She was my wonderful second model for my tent series. For this tent, I wanted to create something pink and dreamy...with of course balloons :). Caroline was perfect with her precious and sweet faces and her long beautiful hair... she looked like a princess. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sheet Tent

These are from an installation project I had to do. It was to create something--anything in a forgotten space for 5 days. Well, I wanted my installation to be very Anthropologie/Free Peopleish :) I wanted it to be a used for a vintage/dreamy prompt for some photo sessions! This is my wonderful, sweet, and charming friend, Brooklin. She is the epitome of cute. Isn't she?! She is a always such a joy to be around and she is booming with personality. So these are simply a mere glimpse into my amazing friend, Brooklin.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing Guitar

These are shots from a photo assignment on lighting of my friend Teller. This was a film assignment,  but I always have to bring my digital camera along :) These are some of the shots we liked with the digital! I call my digital camera "The Precious." haha it is a Canon 7D. I love it... I bought it a few months ago :). These were taken up in some hills by our school in California. Teller's dad and my dad have roped together and they are another fellow ranching family back in Arizona, so I've known Teller forever. Turns out now we both go to the same college...imagine that?! Pretty cool. Anyways, when we were up in the hills, we find out that this is a hot spot for high teenagers to come and hang out. They kept telling Teller to play and then they would hoot and holler and clap for him. It was pretty entertaining. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

Papa and the Barn

This weekend I went home! I was so home sick, I couldn't stand being away from home any longer. When I came home, we had six new kittens and our beagles had grown into little terrors running around destructing everything! There names are Sugar, Belle, and Buck. And my favorite new kitty I named Pumpkin :). The puppies would go and grab a little kitten and start flinging it up in the air. They were awful! Thank goodness, we always stopped them before a kitten got hurt. But anyways, I took my camera down to the barn and my papa was there so these are a few shots from that. It was fun, so I hope you enjoy a glimpse of my life at the ranch :). Enjoy!