Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playing Guitar

These are shots from a photo assignment on lighting of my friend Teller. This was a film assignment,  but I always have to bring my digital camera along :) These are some of the shots we liked with the digital! I call my digital camera "The Precious." haha it is a Canon 7D. I love it... I bought it a few months ago :). These were taken up in some hills by our school in California. Teller's dad and my dad have roped together and they are another fellow ranching family back in Arizona, so I've known Teller forever. Turns out now we both go to the same college...imagine that?! Pretty cool. Anyways, when we were up in the hills, we find out that this is a hot spot for high teenagers to come and hang out. They kept telling Teller to play and then they would hoot and holler and clap for him. It was pretty entertaining. 

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