Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weekly Fashion Fix

I have been looking at the cutest fashion blogs. I was I wanted to do one myself :) and I'm going to try to do fashion post every week. Thank you to my mom for taking the photos :)

What I'm Wearing: 
Anthropologie Shirt
Shorts from the Long Beach Flea Market
Betsey Johnson Watch
Bangles by Target
Bandeau by Free People
Platforms by Urban Outfitters
Here is a part of my house. Isn't it cute? My mom is a champion decorator. Seriously I've never seen a cuter house :)...but I guess I'm biased. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Lemon Bar Anyone?

Good morning everyone! My mom made me these gluten-free lemon bars and I had to share them with you. I'm obsessed. They are the best things ever. These tart, sweet, and pretty are perfect for a summer treat! Normally I don't like tart tasting desserts, I'm more of a chocolate girl, but these are up there with my favorite chocolate dessert. So here is the recipe:

For the crust:
2 cubes butter
2 cups gluten-free flour (We used Cup For Cup)
Pinch of Salt
1/2 cup sugar

mix and form into a ball and spread it on the bottom of a 9*13 inch pan. 
then chill it...just make sure it's cool. 
then bake it. 350 degrees F for 15-20 min.
cool it again. let it set. THIS IS KEY for gluten free. 

For the filler:
1 cup fresh lemon juice
2 tbl lemon zest (from 5-6 lemons)
2 1/2 cups sugar
6 large eggs
1 cup flour (Cup for Cup)

mix it together and pour on top of cooled crust
then bake again at 350 degrees F for  30-35 minutes. 

cool. dust with powdered sugar. 

then enjoy! I topped these with a fresh raspberry. 

P.s. (our family likes them frozen best)  

Monday, June 25, 2012

The Fourth is Coming!

The Fourth of July is coming soon! I love love love the Fourth of July! It may be my favorite holiday. Last year at during the fourth I was getting ready for the rodeo. That was so fun. This year I will be riding in the Prescott rodeo again carrying the Arizona flag in the grand if you are there say hi! I mean what's not to love about the Fourth of July. The Fourth of July is hamburgers, yummy salads, fresh fruit, our fourth of July sugar cookies, hound dogs sprawled out on our green grass, rodeo, long nights, parades, red, white, and blue, and family. Now when I think about my family, I think about my mom, dad, and sisters, but I also think about the Wallaces. The Wallace family is a part of our family. They are always over at our house or we are at theirs. I mean really, we have Taco Tuesday night with them, weekly dinners, trips to the pool, days at the ranch, and so much more. The reason why our family's have merged is because we always support the other. We are present in their kids lives the same way that they were there when me and my sisters were growing up. To be a family you must care about each other during all the times in one another's lives and that is merely one of the characteristics that the Wallace family has :). 

So without further adieu, these are the three Wallace kids, Makenzie, Connor, and Clay. This was probably the hardest photo shoot of my life. No joke. Connor never looked at the camera and Clay never stopped screaming. It was pretty comical. So knowing that, you may appreciate the good ones I was able to capture :). Thanks to Molly (their mom) and my mom for being the flag holder and to Barry for trying to make his kids look happy haha. The funny thing is is right after the photo shoot was done Clay started laughing and smiling at me... what a little stinker. 

Had to include our other nuisances: Belle, Sugar, and Buck.  

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Just Be You

Hello Hello Hello! I am so happy because I am finally home and finally able to sit, relax, make blog posts, and edit photos. Call me a dork, but that is one of my favorite things to do! I finished summer classes, then came up to the ranch, but then the next morning I had rodeo practice and the Cowpunchers Rodeo to get to. The rodeo was great! So fun, the post on the rodeo is right below this one if you are interested. After the weekend I have been trying to get my show together. I was asked to be the featured artist at The Artists Market in Prescott. So great! But...It was a lot of work trying to get everything together and set up. So ever since I got home, I have been running around like a crazy person. So today is my first official summer day. 
First on my list on photos to edit were the ones I did for my class. I took a summer narrative photo class  this summer for three weeks. For the class we focused on two major projects: the personal project and the community project. This post is obviously my personal project :). The mini-personal project I did is a few posts down if you want to check that out. It's called Memories
This project was so fun. I was a little stressed about it though. The class was only 3 and a half weeks long and I am the kind of student who does everything with this type of class you can't do anything really early because you are constantly working on something. For this project I wanted to focus on all of the aspects of myself that make me, me :)... at least a few of them: cooking, photography, clothes, family, rodeo/ranching, and working out or adventuring. 
When I did this project it was super late at night and no one was around. I had to take all of my outfits and equipment to the studio where I was going to take the photos. Oh and I didn't have a car, because I got in an accident a few weeks before :(. It totaled Rhonda (my old car) and my back and neck. Sad day :(. Someone ran out right in front of me and crash. I only had Daisy (my bike) to transfer all of this stuff over to the studio. Once I finally got there, I was exhausted, but then I had to set up the strobes, camera, outfits, blah, blah, blah. It's hard work being the model, photographer, stylist, and coordinator. I felt a little like Cindy Sherman :). Here is what I came out with. 
I hope this inspires you to BE WHO YOU ARE, because you can never be anyone else. So embrace yourself, be kind to yourself, embrace your passions and be happy! 

One of the first shots...trying to figure out the strobes.
My final project. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

Cowpunchers Rodeo

So I am finally done with my summer classes. Whoot Whoot! I finished on Friday at 3, then had to pack up and catch a flight back to Arizona. I got home at midnight, then the following morning got up early and went to practice for the Centennial year of the World's Oldest Rodeo in Prescott. This is the rodeo I was queen for last year :). They asked me to come back and carry the Arizona flag in the grand entry this year for the Centennial. Come see me! The rodeo starts June 28th-July 4th. It's super fun.

After this practice in Prescott, I drove up to Williams to compete in the annual Cowpunchers Rodeo. I have been going to this rodeo ever since I was a baby. I have so many fun memories from this rodeo. This year I competed in the Wild Cow Milking and the Ribbon Roping. In the Wild Cow Milking there are three people to each team: the roper, the mugger, and the milker. My dad was the roper, Kannon was the mugger, and I was the milker/runner. After my dad ropes the cow, Kannon goes to hold her down so I can get a chance to milk her; once I have milk, I run to the finish. For the ribbon roping, there is a roper and a runner. This one is simple; the roper ropes the calf and the runner goes up to pull the ribbon tied onto its tail then runs back into the healers box to end your time. Last year, my partner, Huck and I won this event and got a buckle :). This year, we got fourth. Regardless, it is always great to simply be there. I love the ranching is completely different than the lifestyle in California. I am so blessed to be a part of both worlds though :).

I always bring my camera to these rodeos, but this year, in all of the chaos of finishing school and traveling back to Arizona, I forgot to bring "The Precious." That's what I call my camera haha. So instead, I simply used my handy dandy camera phone. It was awesome. And so convenient. Phones don't weigh the equivalent to a small child, unlike The it was nice. Here are the ones I took.

P.s. If you don't have an Instagram, I recommend you do! It is so fun! Look me up, username: egoswick.
The Drive up to Williams, Arizona.

My mom and our horse, Pepto.

Macabee. Cutest little boy. Ever. 

My sister Katherine, sporting a "Katniss" braid. 

Saying a Prayer before the rodeo.

Little Miss Taylor...aka the girl from the new movie, Brave.

There are clouds in Arizona unlike California's all blue skies.
My "Kim Kardashian" lookalike sister, Alexandra.


Wild Horse Race.



Oh hi Pepto. 

My sisters hair...makes me sick. It's perfect. 

Katie shading herself under our truck. 

My awesome Ribbon Roping partner, Huck. 

Had to show one of me :) 

My beauty of a mom. 

Precious little sister, Katherine.