Monday, June 18, 2012

Cowpunchers Rodeo

So I am finally done with my summer classes. Whoot Whoot! I finished on Friday at 3, then had to pack up and catch a flight back to Arizona. I got home at midnight, then the following morning got up early and went to practice for the Centennial year of the World's Oldest Rodeo in Prescott. This is the rodeo I was queen for last year :). They asked me to come back and carry the Arizona flag in the grand entry this year for the Centennial. Come see me! The rodeo starts June 28th-July 4th. It's super fun.

After this practice in Prescott, I drove up to Williams to compete in the annual Cowpunchers Rodeo. I have been going to this rodeo ever since I was a baby. I have so many fun memories from this rodeo. This year I competed in the Wild Cow Milking and the Ribbon Roping. In the Wild Cow Milking there are three people to each team: the roper, the mugger, and the milker. My dad was the roper, Kannon was the mugger, and I was the milker/runner. After my dad ropes the cow, Kannon goes to hold her down so I can get a chance to milk her; once I have milk, I run to the finish. For the ribbon roping, there is a roper and a runner. This one is simple; the roper ropes the calf and the runner goes up to pull the ribbon tied onto its tail then runs back into the healers box to end your time. Last year, my partner, Huck and I won this event and got a buckle :). This year, we got fourth. Regardless, it is always great to simply be there. I love the ranching is completely different than the lifestyle in California. I am so blessed to be a part of both worlds though :).

I always bring my camera to these rodeos, but this year, in all of the chaos of finishing school and traveling back to Arizona, I forgot to bring "The Precious." That's what I call my camera haha. So instead, I simply used my handy dandy camera phone. It was awesome. And so convenient. Phones don't weigh the equivalent to a small child, unlike The it was nice. Here are the ones I took.

P.s. If you don't have an Instagram, I recommend you do! It is so fun! Look me up, username: egoswick.
The Drive up to Williams, Arizona.

My mom and our horse, Pepto.

Macabee. Cutest little boy. Ever. 

My sister Katherine, sporting a "Katniss" braid. 

Saying a Prayer before the rodeo.

Little Miss Taylor...aka the girl from the new movie, Brave.

There are clouds in Arizona unlike California's all blue skies.
My "Kim Kardashian" lookalike sister, Alexandra.


Wild Horse Race.



Oh hi Pepto. 

My sisters hair...makes me sick. It's perfect. 

Katie shading herself under our truck. 

My awesome Ribbon Roping partner, Huck. 

Had to show one of me :) 

My beauty of a mom. 

Precious little sister, Katherine. 

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