Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Happy Wednesday! Hope everyone's day went well! Hope you enjoy this post. I am super excited to share with you my newest Flea Market find: the Camo Jacket. 

As you may know, I'm an avid Flea Market shopper. Love em' all. I especially like the Long Beach Flea Market. That is where I usually go. I first spotted this jacket on this super fashionable lady by her booth wearing it with a maxi skirt, coffee mug in hand . She looked adorable. So I asked if she was selling any more...and she told me she'd sell me the one she was wearing if I wanted it! She told me that she finds these old military camo jackets and embellishes the shoulders with the spikes. This jacket used to belong to a Lieutenant named Captain Fuller. His name is embroidered on the side of the jacket. Isn't it just so fun? It's big and clunky, but warm and funky. Oooo look at me rhyming! 

The best thing is that the next week I saw camo jackets just like this one at Urban Outfitters. I like mine better and mine was less expensive. Super score. 

Oh! And PacSun right now just came out with a new site that features PacSun gear and coupons. Go check it out here! 

Free Hug T-Shirt  //  Pac Sun Mini  //  Nicole Wedges  //  Flea Market Camo Jacket Similar Style Here  //  Vintage Beaded Headpiece  //  Flea Market Leather Cuffs

Have a good night loves!


Monday, February 25, 2013

Space Pants

Hi Star Commanders. It's Emily here. Ready to travel to the galaxy today. Got my space pants on and I'm ready to go. Who's with me?

Also a big thank you to the ultimate Star Commander, my boy friend. Thank you for taking the pics and for teasing me relentlessly about my galaxy pants. "Babe, are you making a Jazzercise video?" "Babe you ready to go laser tagging?" "Babe, I think Star Wars is missing a character." "Baby, where's Buzz?" You make me laugh :). Oh and p.s., so obviously Brennan thought the pants were silly at first, but then at the end of the shoot, wanted me to wear them for our date. So trust me on these guys. They're cute.

So for our date, he took me shopping to pick out an outfit (insert Awww here :)) and while we were in Anthropologie, I saw this super cute girl wearing the star galaxy pants! I was so happy! She looked so cute and it proved my point that these are super in and that people do wear them! just gotta be pretty bold and secure in your inner Buzz Lightyear :).

So go get your Space Pants. I'll meet you in the galaxy.

Romwe Starry Night Leggings  //  Purple & Blue Rings (Similar Style Here)  //  Chaser: Lost Angels Tee  //  Black Booties (Similar Style Here and Here)  //  Free People Halter Bra



Happy Flying. To infinity and beyond.


Friday, February 22, 2013

JT Carpet Bag

Happy Friday!!! I'm sitting here in the UCLA cafeteria (or one of them at least), waiting to hang out with Esther-- selling the new JT Carpet Bag line. A bag made out of carpet? Is there such a thing? Why yes. Yes there is. This line originally was made in the 60's and now they're coming out with a new line. So super fun! They are even coming out with a 'vintage line' replicating the old design of carpet bags soon! 

So I'm just doing a quick little post showing you an example and how I'd wear it :). Here I paired the fun pink "shaggy chic" pink bag with some white lace shorts from the Long Beach Flea Market and a Free People Hot pink top. Perfect colors for spring! It's something to dance about as you can tell by my pics ;)

Please excuse the silly pictures. I've been sick and my boyfriend had 5 minutes to take these photos...poor guy has tests times ten everyday for grad school :(. One more challenging thing...there was no sun! Sad day for us! So this is the best we got folks, but you get the idea. The bag's cute. Okay now you for sure got it :). Go on over to their website to get all the deets! Here is is.  

JT Carpet Bags just came out with a new Facebook page, go on over and give them a like! 

Have a great day sweeties!! 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Happy Tuesday!! Today I'm going to share some of my photography. I'm a senior this year and am graduating next December (crazy) so I have to start preparing for my senior show!! Super exciting. Anyways, some of my professors are urging me to go back and further meditate on images that I've already taken. I take a lot of photos. Okay. That's an exaggeration. I take millions of photos! That's more accurate ;). I don't have a shortage of photos that's for sure. So they've encouraged me to go back to the original files and then alter them--so for these, I'm challenging my eye to see them in a different light. 

Also, for those of you who haven't seen it, go visit my photography website here

And I've been super inspired with multiple exposures and the layering of text and image. So without further explanation, why don't you take a look. Hope you enjoy them! I love feedback...and your wonderful comments :)


Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring Sunnies

Hi my beautiful readers! Today I'm feeling a bit "under the weather today" so you'll thank me for not doing an outfit post ;). I feel so yucky. And this is random, but I've never noticed how weird the saying "under the weather" actually is. Hmmmm. So instead of my usual postings, I decided to share with you my favorite spring trend at the moment...which is Statement Sunglasses! This season is all about rockin those bold sunnies! Whether you're retro, boho, or glam, I think I've got you covered. I've included my personal favs ranging from $3.99 to $399 (the $399 pair is obviously the pair I wear in my dreams :)). So I hope you find a pair that you absolutely love! To see my most recent sunglasses purchase, take a look at my pink sunnies here

Good luck with your sunnie search!! I'm confident you'll find the perfect pair :)


Oh... p.s. if you liked the fun pics I shared in this post, you'll like my pinterest page. Go on over and take a looksie.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day my loves!! Hope you all had a fantastic day! Fell free to tell me about it, I'd love to hear what you did! xo

I'm wearing:  Alice and Olivia Dress  //   Steve Madden Pink Pumps    //   Heart Sunglasses  (one of my finds from my trip in San Fran). 

But okay. I have a story about the dress. I bought it for $30 at Last Chance. There is only one Last Chance in America in Scottsdale AZ... and it sure is a treasure. You can find designer clothes, purses, everything for a ridiculous inexpensive price. Granted, it probably isn't "brand new" but you can still clean/fix it up.... That is what I did with this dress. So here's my sweet story for the day. This dress when I bought it was falling apart: there were no straps, the black mesh was draping down, and all of the intricate gold lace detailing was torn and had missing pieces. But I couldn't help but buying it because I knew I had a secret weapon to fix this dress :)... That secret weapon is grandma. She is the best seamstress in America. No joke. When I gave the dress to her she was hesitant on wanting to fix it because it was such a mess...but I know my grandma loves a challenge :). And I was right because about two weeks later, what did I find in the mail? The dress :). She completely fixed it. Redid all of the gold lace detailing, fixed the black tulle skirt and made straps for it. Isn't she just amazing!! She even took off the Alice and Olivia tag and put "Specially Handmade by Grandma." And that is my favorite part. I just love my grandma.







Love you all! Thank you for supporting me with your follows and comments :) 


p.s. here is the tag my grandma sewed in my dress :)...isn't it just so precious??

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentines Date Ideas Under $20!

Hello my dears!! So this post is, I'm sorry for all the haters out there, Valentines Day. Come on guys. You know you like it. It's pink. And pink is happy. And it's also about love. And there is always someone who you love and who loves you too! 

This post is giving you a cute idea for a date for you and your special someone, or for you and your friend! It's a date that you could do for morning/brunch type of date. It's super fun and super simple. And the best part is that it's under $20! That's always doable. My boy friend is a "grand-gesture" kind-of-guy...which I love! (He likes to spoil me) He is always buying me expensive things and taking me on amazing dates! I'm a super lucky girl :). But with me, I don't have as much money to spend, so I get creative. I make him scrapbooks, journals, write notes all over his car, make him "survival kits", get him his favorite doughnuts, cook & bake for him...silly, fun things like that. So even if you don't have much money to spend, there is always something to do to let them know you love them. 

And all I had to do was journey to Target to get inspired. I found these great heart shaped bowls!  (2.49/bowl) Then went to the Dollar section in the front of the store to find the colorful trays (similar style found at link) (.99/each). And conveniently, Fruity Pebbles go with all of the fun colors...but also happen to be Brennan's current favorite cereal. Personally, I'm a Captain Crunch fan :). After that just grab a fun blanket and some pillows and you're all set! You have a perfect little Valentines Morning Picnic!!




Hope this helps to make your Valentines day so fun! If you have any big plans, I'd love to hear about them!!