Monday, February 18, 2013

Spring Sunnies

Hi my beautiful readers! Today I'm feeling a bit "under the weather today" so you'll thank me for not doing an outfit post ;). I feel so yucky. And this is random, but I've never noticed how weird the saying "under the weather" actually is. Hmmmm. So instead of my usual postings, I decided to share with you my favorite spring trend at the moment...which is Statement Sunglasses! This season is all about rockin those bold sunnies! Whether you're retro, boho, or glam, I think I've got you covered. I've included my personal favs ranging from $3.99 to $399 (the $399 pair is obviously the pair I wear in my dreams :)). So I hope you find a pair that you absolutely love! To see my most recent sunglasses purchase, take a look at my pink sunnies here

Good luck with your sunnie search!! I'm confident you'll find the perfect pair :)


Oh... p.s. if you liked the fun pics I shared in this post, you'll like my pinterest page. Go on over and take a looksie.


  1. I love sunnies too, but in my small face I must pick Flower Patch Sunglasses!, most of others would cover my whole face!

    1. I know what you mean! A lot of the bold sunglasses are huge! But the Flower Patch Sunnies are super cute!

  2. fun sunnies! is making me really impatient for summer to get here asap!!

    1. Oh my gosh me too! I feel ya. I'm dying for summer. I'm sick of the cold!!

  3. Such fun statement sunglasses! I really like the polka dot pair :)

    Hope you feel better soon!

  4. I love a big pair of sunglasses... the brighter the better!!

    xo Ashley

  5. great picks!! i love those cat eyed sunnies

  6. Hey! Thank you for your nice comment on my blog.
    I love the sunglasses! <3
    You blog is very cool. Following!
    Hope you follow me back.

    Kisses from Brazil :)

  7. The sunglasses you put here are beautiful!
    I especially love the Dsquared ones in the picture :)

    I've opened a blog just one week ago! If you like check out today's post on MODEOGAMY

    Thanks xx


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