Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day my loves!! Hope you all had a fantastic day! Fell free to tell me about it, I'd love to hear what you did! xo

I'm wearing:  Alice and Olivia Dress  //   Steve Madden Pink Pumps    //   Heart Sunglasses  (one of my finds from my trip in San Fran). 

But okay. I have a story about the dress. I bought it for $30 at Last Chance. There is only one Last Chance in America in Scottsdale AZ... and it sure is a treasure. You can find designer clothes, purses, everything for a ridiculous inexpensive price. Granted, it probably isn't "brand new" but you can still clean/fix it up.... That is what I did with this dress. So here's my sweet story for the day. This dress when I bought it was falling apart: there were no straps, the black mesh was draping down, and all of the intricate gold lace detailing was torn and had missing pieces. But I couldn't help but buying it because I knew I had a secret weapon to fix this dress :)... That secret weapon is grandma. She is the best seamstress in America. No joke. When I gave the dress to her she was hesitant on wanting to fix it because it was such a mess...but I know my grandma loves a challenge :). And I was right because about two weeks later, what did I find in the mail? The dress :). She completely fixed it. Redid all of the gold lace detailing, fixed the black tulle skirt and made straps for it. Isn't she just amazing!! She even took off the Alice and Olivia tag and put "Specially Handmade by Grandma." And that is my favorite part. I just love my grandma.







Love you all! Thank you for supporting me with your follows and comments :) 


p.s. here is the tag my grandma sewed in my dress :)...isn't it just so precious??


  1. Hi I love your blog your posts are amazing !!! go check and subscribe

    kisses WTF! STREET STYLE !!!

  2. Lovely dress, most of all cause I've been repaired with love! That makes it more special than a brand new one!

  3. oh... this is beautiful photoshoot... we have something in common for Valentine's photoshoot!

    It’s a GIRL Thing

  4. Beautiful! I wore heart sunnies in my post yesterday too! They are perfect for Vday!


  5. That dress is gorgeous! I would like to see a "before Grandma" pic. You're so lucky to have someone who can help you out like that. (Admittedly jealous over here!)

  6. This is so cute!! Also your grandma is adorable!! Love the tag she sewed in! :)

    Live Freckled

  7. great sunglasses....perfect for the day of love!


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  8. I love how unique your style is! You're outfit is beyond cute, work it girl! haha (sorry I had to) I also just followed you on GFC :)
    Crystal's Beauty Corner

  9. Love your outfit and the glasses! XOXO

  10. Nice photos, you are beautiful!
    Would you like to follow each other?;)

  11. such adorable pictures and u look really gorgeous girl! wld love it if you would drop by my blog and follow if u like :D

  12. Loving those glasses!!!! Kori xoxo

  13. You look super cute!

    follwoing you now, maybe you like to follow back?
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  14. What a beautiful dress your grandma made, that's so special! I love your tulle skirt too! Darling pictures!

    Rachel Ashley

  15. Great look ! Love your heart sunglasses and skirt.. so perfect for Valentines. And that location with the balloons is perfection.

    Thanks for visiting our blog. Followed you via GFC. hope you follow back.

    Much Love
    The Heiress Blog

  16. These photos are adorable! Love the outfit. That's so cute of your grandma to sew that special tag!



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