My dad is a fifth-generation cattle rancher who raises lots of cows and raised three girls. I’m the middle daughter. Hi. I’m Emily, The Rancher’s Daughter.

I grew up on a working cattle ranch in Arizona where riding horses, playing in the riverbed and catching tadpoles consumed my mind. After my tomboy years passed me by, I started becoming highly interested in fashion; to express myself through how I dress is so fun...and a skill that I believe every girl should have ;)! I grew up with my incredible family: two amazing sisters, Alexandra and Katherine, and the sweetest mom, and dad. I also am recently married to the most amazing man, Brennan (He's the tall, buff, and handsome one in all my photos ;)). Wedding photos are coming soon. 

I recently graduated with my BFA in Art, with an emphasis in photography. For more of my photography work, visit my Photo Blog. I currently try to squeeze in as many shoots as I can when I'm not working at Anthropologie. I'm right now in management there and am loving it! Talk about inspiration!! I've had experience in front and behind the camera, with modeling here and there and love both. I also have had experience with Personal Shopping and Personal Styling, which was both rewarding and wonderful to learn more about people and where their own inspirations with fashion stem from.

And of course, I find time to work on the blog! I love to write and share my style, experiences, and joys of life with all of you! I hope to not only inspire you, but to also give you the confidence to embrace your journey and learn to love who you are and embrace your unique style. I really do believe that each and every one is beautiful and should feel that! Through more throughly understanding your style, best features, and beauty tips and tricks, you'll feel more wonderful and confident inside. Through this blog I do share my life & experiences, but my hope for it is that it would be a blog for you! About my readers and for my readers. I'm here for all of you to help you feel more beautiful in your own hair and skin. I in no way want you to feel like you have to embrace my own style, but I hope that you become inspired through what I share here.

 For my own style, I love that I can embrace the current trends, yet, still hold on and integrate that western, boho-chicness style I love and grew up wearing. I'm highly inspired by the west, the beautiful sunsets, the dramatic colors and landscapes, horses, and open space. And while LA is fabulous, wonderful, and booming with opportunities, my heart will in some way, always be tied to the ranch.

The Rancher's Daughter,