Monday, February 4, 2013

The Rancher's Daughter is lovin' Nikki Rich!

Hi lovlies! I was invited to enter the Nikki Rich Fashion contest and thought I'd share a little info about them. Nikki Rich is a modern womenswear lifestyle brand for the modern day woman. The clothes are co-designed by designers, Nikki Lund and Richie Sambora. They aim to offer a designer aesthetic at an affordable price. Love that! I really feel like their clothes are polished, sophisticated, and very fashion-forward. For the contest, I was told to share my favorite pieces of their fall collection. I couldn't. So I chose three. Here are my top three choices. I feel like each of these pieces fit into LA fashion. They are very structured, but if paired with boy friend jeans or bright colored pumps, you could funk it up a bit and make the look more relaxed, fun, and eccentric. Those are the terms I'd describe for LA style.

This first piece is drop dead gorgeous! I love the cutout in the back. From the front it is so cute with the fun shape, but the back is surprising and auhhhmazing! I'd wear this with ripped jeans and a cute floppy hat to make it casual. The great thing about this piece, though, is that you could wear it with formed fitting black trousers and high heels to make this a "hottie tottie going out outfit" as well! 

This second look really needs no explanation. It is gorgeous. The design of it with the cut out shoulder makes it unlike all other black maxi's. This look embodies LA to me because of the elegance, but also for it's different and fun approach.

This look I love too! It kind of reminded me of a Betsy Johnson piece...and I love Betsy Johnson. I wore one of her dresses for prom one year...but that's beside the point. I love this jacket because it is a statement piece. This piece you can throw over any tank and jeans and look amazing. 

Okay so do I not have you hooked too?? Nikki Rich just came out with a Spring Collection too, so go check it out here :) 

That's all for now. What do you think of their clothes??


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  1. Love that first top and the jacket!!

    xo Ashley


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