Thursday, May 31, 2012


Good morning everyone! Here is a little update on my life right now: I am taking two summer classes in 2 and a half weeks...ya I know what a way to start out your summer, right? Despite that it feels like finals week all over again, where we have to crank out 6 page papers in one day and do photo assignments in overnight, I actually love both my classes. I am taking a summer narrative Photo class and a Biblical Interpretation class... lots and lots of work. These following photos are from the first "mini-assignment" in the summer narrative class. This class we are focusing on finding narratives through photographic art. We will look deeper into the realms of memories and storytelling with ourselves as well as others in the community. The second half of this class we get to do a collaborative and interactive project with the Salvation Army Alegria Center in Los Angeles (that is next week). But this first week, we had to do these exercises where we had to write down all of the memories we had associated with a certain photograph. So often times if I don't write down or photograph my thoughts or experiences and due to this, occasionally, I forget the is as if it had never happened. So because of this I encourage you all to start journaling! Since I have started to journal, some of my greatest joys is to look back on old memories and see how far I've grown and all of the memories I've had. This project is turning the camera back on ourselves. I am always taking photos of others, so it is only fair that I turn it back on myself to be vulnerable and open. So for this series, which I want to continue, I found objects (the rings) that symbolized something or someone that was important to me. I then made my journal entry reminiscing about the memory I had associated with that memory. With this, I attached a photo of someone that I had experienced the memory with. So it was a culmination of all of these items and joyous times. 

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