Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Jessie Girl

This is Jessie. Isn't she adorable? What a little model, right?!  I got the privilege to hang out with her all afternoon. We had a lot of fun spending time together. We drove all around San Clemente taking these, looking for fun textures and colors. Speaking of colors, as you can maybe point out, Jessie's favorite color is pink. She love love loves pink! Some of her other favorite things are, flowers, cupcakes, glitter, owls, art, the Food Network, American girl dolls, Justice, her friends, her family, her dog, Angie, curly hair, and lipgloss :). I love knowing peoples favorite things; it is so interesting to me how these things change over time. So I have gotten in the habit of journaling and writing down my favorite things. I smile looking back on those old entries, because I have changed my favorite things so much! I remember when I was eleven, like Jessie is here, and I was, no joke, "the tomboy of life". I never wanted to wear makeup, no glitter nor glam. Now, thankfully I have embraced my girl-hood :) and I have a hygiene. Some are very thankful for that :) haha.  

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