Saturday, May 12, 2012


This post is about twins. Not any set of twins, but the nine-year-old Jordan and Erika set of twins :). These girls are so much fun. My boy friend and I have had the privilege of hanging out with them and getting to know them. We meet every week or so and just do whatever they want to really. We play soccer, basketball, "jump off swing" contests, in-n-out, frozen yogurt trips, park visits, photo shoots (of course), long talks, and record silly videos.

It is so funny though, because, even though they are twins, you can absolutely tell them apart. They are pretty opposite of each other. Erika is the athletic tom boy who loves sports, Kobe Bryant, and the color purple. Jordan is the sweet girly girl who loves pink and to wear skirts and flowers in her hair. Even despite their differences, they both are so precious, enjoyable, and easy to be with. We never have a silent moment. 

I think these photos show their personalities perfectly. Take a looksey :) 

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