Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Senior Photos

I had the privilege of photographing this beautiful girl's senior photos this week. Her name is Clarissa. On top of being gorgeous inside and out, she also is a physics major, art minor, runs cross-country and track, and dances. She is one of the most talented well-rounded girls I've ever met. She just finished her college senior show called, Brilliant Light, where she used lasers to make photographs. All something I know nothing about :/... I wouldn't even know where to begin with doing the work she does! If you are interested in her work, her blog is called Tungsten and Diffraction. Here are a few of the favorite shots!

Her she is at her show with one of her pieces.

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  1. Love these! I check your blog all the time and love your work :) These are some of the best senior portraits I've seen, so inspired and the girl looks lovely. Have a nice day!


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