Monday, July 2, 2012

Girl + Boy

 My sister and her new boyfriend, Jordan came to the house this last week. I was so happy! I love when my didder comes to see us. Allie goes to ASU and is a year older than me...we have always been so close. Sisters are the greatest thing in the world!! Everyone should have a sister. They will always be your best friend. Anyways, Allie has been talking about this boy that has been in her life, about how happy he makes her and how cute he is! So, being a sister, I couldn't wait to meet him to see if I approve. Well I met him...and the verdict is...I like him! He passed the test! He is awesome, but above all he makes my sister happy, which makes me happy! Here are their darling pics. Can't wait to see them again. They are coming up for the fourth. Hip hip hooray! Enjoy :) 

Little glasses cute! 

J + A. Jordan and Allie

Those little flirters

Had to show some American spirit! We love the Fourth!

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