Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Classic Leather Purse

The Classic Leather Purse. A thing of beauty. Every girl should have one, right? I was asked my opinion on the subject a couple days ago and I actually hadn't really thought of how essential a neutral purse is! For one... if you are going to splurge on one thing, I'd recommend going all out on a pair of shoes...or a purse. Because a designer blouse is amazing and I wish I could just go out and buy designer blouses, but I can't. And the thing is, is that seasons happen, styles change. But you know what doesn't? A Coach Leather purse. I mean come on. It goes with everything and you'll have it for years to come...especially with the ones I picked out :). With the Christmas season semi approaching, maybe one of these classy leather purses will be on your radar. I know that first purse pictured is on mine. If you're feelin' me, browse through my fav picks of the Classic Leather Purse... find your fav :)


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