Monday, November 25, 2013

Meet Odd Molly

Monday! Yay! This week is Thanksgiving. Oh my goodness so so excited! Who's with me? Thanksgiving for me may tie with Christmas for my most favorite holiday. My boy friend and his whole family is coming out from California to stay with me and my family up at the ranch. I can hardly wait. What are your plans? I'd love to hear! 

Today I'm so excited to introduce my collaboration with Odd Molly! Have you heard of Odd Molly? If you haven't, then I'm so excited to be the first one to share them with you. They are originally based out of Sweden, but are definitely making their mark in the US. Their clothes are so feminine, well-made, and sheer perfect down to every last detail. I'm showing pieces from their upcoming Spring Line, but I went ahead and linked to similar items on their website if you're interested! I highly recommend you check out their site :). 

And if you're wondering about my adorable crossbody purse?? It's a Cut N' Paste. Go check them out too. Amazing. This particular bag I'm wearing today is available at Hop Sing Trading Co. Hop Sing is the cutest store in all of Arizona. My sweet friend, Lauren owns and runs the store with her husband Jeff. They are the kindest people and not to mention, Lauren has exceptional taste. She is so inspiring to me. She is the queen of mixing your boho, western, feminine, preppy, or grunge pieces all together to make the coolest look of all. If you're ever near Prescott, AZ, go visit! It's worth the trip :). 

Anthropologie Pilcros (Pants)  //  Odd Molly Top  (Similar) //  Odd Molly Sweater (Similar) //  Cut N' Paste Crossbody



  1. Me encanta el look!!

  2. These clothes are lovely! I'm especially crazy about that purse!

    Thanksgiving's my favorite holiday too, but I got it out of the way last weekend as I'm abroad and no one actually has Thursday off :P

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