Friday, November 8, 2013

Turquoise, Plaid, and Fringe

Oh my gosh I'm loving these Gypsan Shorts. Like I said in my previous post, don't be intimidated by fringe. You can pair these fringe shorts with lots of options. Like here, where I paired it with a tank and long cardigan sweater. Ant today, I went western with this plaid shirt, boho hat, and turquoise jewelry. There are so many options! So go get them :).

Our silly hound dogs wouldn't leave me alone in this shoot! Buck and Sugar are their names :). Even though annoying, I still kinda like them ;). At the ranch (where I took these photos), you're always bound to run into some sort of animal that's running around.

Happy Friday Loves! xx

Gypsan Shorts  //  Boho Floppy Hat  //  Plaid Shirt (Similar)  //  Turquoise Jewelry (Try Flea Marketing!) 


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