Monday, November 4, 2013

Tunics 101

And another Monday is here. I'm feelin like its going to be a good week :). 

This morning we're off to a great start with another amazing piece from PB&J Boutique:... The Givin' Tunic by the always delicate and "oh' so feminine", Odd Molly Brand

And Tunics...what's the deal with them right? Are they a dress or shirt? Well that's the beauty...they can be either or! Just depending on the length of the tunic or how tall you are :). You don't want to be that girl who everyone thinks forgot to put on her pants that morning. But with the tunic I'm wearing today, it could be worn either way. 

This Tunic is a great piece for either summer or fall. Wear it as a dress with sandals for summer, or as a longer blouse over baggy jeans for a more casual fall look. 

How do you wear yours?? :)

The Rancher's Daughter

The Rancher's Daughter


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