Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Hi readers! Here are a few photos of me modeling Hardcouture. Hardcouture makes homemade vintage-inspired jewelry and clothing. It reminds me of something Free People would carry. So I of course love it :). My favorite are the headpieces! They're amazing! Kristine Lopez is the designer- she is so talented and so sweet! Another great thing is their prices are affordable for the "budgeted-fashionista." So anyone who hasn't visited their site, check them out. All of the things I'm wearing are available on the Hardcouture website. 

Hope everyone had a good day. I did! Although, I'm not really looking forward to starting school again. Bluck. School is a crazy pretty much dominates your entire existence (when your 20). I've been in school for like a zillion years. Ugh I'm so ready to be done. But speaking of being 20, I'm almost 21. Whoop whoop! You know what that means? ;) Well, you probably don't know what it means for me. Despite the usual 21st birthday of drunken craziness, I'll probably just celebrate with a shot of ice cream :). I don't like to drink and don't think I ever will. I don't hold it against anyone who does but I just choose not to. Plus I seriously would much rather eat my calories than drink them...anyone with me? I mean what would you take: alcohol or a hot fudge sundae? I know I'd take the latter :). 

I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things though. To have a routine again: with blogs, eating, and workouts. I feel so out of shape after not doing anything for a few weeks and eating lots and lots of cookies (have you seen my recent posts? I insist you try the Toasted Almond Choco Chip Cookies before you start on your diet or new year resolution plans). I have a couple of new recipes for the health nuts/fitness junkies. Will post soon! Till then, have a great night! 

Image of NEW Dainty Cross Handchain

Image of NEW Dainty Cross Handchain



  1. Beautiful photos!! I'm all for eating my calories too :)

    1. You are so sweet :) And I'm glad you agree with me!


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