Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Healthy Reeses

Now from the looks of this title, you're thinking, "No way, Emily. You're insane. There is no such thing as a healthy Reeses." Well today is your lucky day because I'm going to prove you wrong. These little gems changed my life. These have no sugar, are gluten free, and have only 12 carbs in the whole batch (and most all of those are usable fiber). Yes, today, I'm writing to you as a changed woman. I just made them and let me tell you I was in chocolate peanut butter heaven. 

How is this possible you ask? Well let me tell you. Here are the ingredients. 

2 Tbl NATURAL nutty Peanut butter (if you get the right one, it'll have no sugar-no Jiffy brand here ladies)

4 Tbl Special Dark Cocoa 100%. Here is where most of the carbs come in...but cocoa powder mostly is a fibrous carb.

4 Tbl Coconut Oil

1 Tsp Vanilla

1-2 Packets Stevia

*A quick note: if you are not worried about sugar and carbs and what not, use normal pb because I think the more sugary pb will freeze better. The natural stuff I used is so yummy and better for you, but definitely more messy and doesn't freeze as well.

Here's the steps:

1. Melt and mix the coconut oil, stevia packet(s), and cocoa powder till it is a smooth, fully melted mixture.

2. Take a rubber tray (I used a normal plastic ice cube tray and it was hard to take out) and spoon a little of the chocolate mixture in each space. Then place in freezer for about 5 min. to set the first chocolate layer

4. Then spoon your nut butter on top of the first layer. Place back in freezer for 10 min.

5. Spoon your remaining chocolate mixture on top of the nut butter layer. Place back in freezer for another 10 min. 

6. Take out of freezer. Eat your scrumptious little tasty sensations!

*Warning!!! I popped like 4 in mouth before 5 minutes. They're addictive. And very filling because of all of those healthy fats! 

For the whole batch, it's 730 calories. 29g of healthy fat. 12 carbs. 14g protein. My ice tray made 14 of these. So that comes out to 52 calories/ peanut butter cup. If you are on a low-carb diet these things are your new best friend. 

Okay that's it :) Hope you love it as much as me!!! Let me know what you think! If you're not a chocolate peanut butter kind of gal, what do you like?? I'd love to hear from you! 



  1. If you're not a chocolate peanut butter kind of gal, what do you like?? I'd love to hear from you! (^_^!)

    1. I also love apple crisps and cookie dough. Apple Crisps can be super healthy...yet also so delicious! I just did a recipe on a Apricot Crisp. Here's the link: http://egoswick.blogspot.com/2013/08/apricot-crisp.html hope you like it!


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