Thursday, January 24, 2013

I'm 21!!

I turned 21! I was a little sad that I couldn't be with my family today, but Brennan and his family of course made is so special. These are just a few pics of my wonderful day. I woke up to chocolate slid under my door. Right then I knew it would be a good day. Then I opened my door and found jillions of balloons all over the house taped to the ceiling and this sign. I'm tellin' you what, any boys out there, you all should take notes from my boyfriend. I don't want to act like I have the best boy friend ever (but sorry ladies, I do) :). I went to lunch with his mom and sister at Laguna, then got ready for our dinner at The Melting Pot. When I came home, my sweet housemates made me yummy cookies! Then my honey came bearing a Nordstrom box. I knew it'd be good ;). It was the perfume Flower Bomb. I never wear perfume, so it was a good surprise, even better because Brennan really likes the smell too! Everything was so fun! I had my first drink too. I've never drank before. The drink I got were really good, but I still would rather eat my calories! 

But the biggest surprise is that, this day wasn't my main celebratory day! We are celebrating "the big part" next weekend :). Brennan wants it to be a surprise, so I'll let you know what happens!  

My B-day outfits for the day. 

all of my beautiful flowers from the day!

Mango Margarita. Yummy! First drink ever. No joke. 

Little collage of the day. Top left is with Brennan's mom and sister at Lunch! Bottom right is cuddling watching bad 90's chick flicks. 

Yummy lunch at Las Brisas! With Blair and Jessie. 

Second drink at dinner. I'm crazy. I know. 
Dinner at Melting Pot! 

My hottie tottie boyfriend.

This is how the table looked when I arrived! Awww! 


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