Friday, September 19, 2014

Upcoming Event at Anthropologie!

Hi Southern California Readers!! This post is directed at you! I'm so excited to be sharing that the event, Sit.Stay.Love will be hosted at, Anthropologie this Sunday the 21st. Not sure what the heck I'm talking about? Let me fill you in. Sit.Stay.Love is an event that many Anthropologie stores across the nation host each year, collecting donations to a selected cause to help homeless pets. This is their fifth year of doing the event. It has had huge success and resulted in hundreds of dog adoptions and raised thousands of dollars in supplies for local shelters. This year, the Anthro I work for at Fashion Island, is collecting donations to be given to the OC humane society! So great! In addition, there will be puppies there ready to be adopted! And um....what is better than Anthropologie and puppies?? Not much ladies...not much. 

But it gets better. The super exciting part for me is that I am going to be the photographer for this event coming up! So if you already have a furry friend, bring them in and let me capture a portrait and you and your dog. This is completely free, we just want to welcome you to chat, shop, have some treats (we will have doggie treats and human treats :)), and have a good time. Photos start at 1 and go till 3. I will be posting my favorite portraits of the day on my blog and on my photography website. Also, I will be giving out each of you access to download your photo online. 

So please come in! Bring yourself and your dog. Let me capture a lovely photo of you two! If you don't have a pet, come in and come in with an open mind to maybe adopt one! Here are complete details. 

Pet Supply Drive: September 19-21. Bring your donations to the store during any of these days! 

September 21st: Sit.Stay.Love Event. 1-3 Portraits taken, puppies present, and treats served :). 

Anthropologie Fashion Island
923 Newport Center Dr.
Newport Beach, CA 92660

I added a few photos.. two of the St. Bernards was from a portrait session I did for a client and his pure bred St. Bernard puppies... to die for! And I had to throw in a couple of my puppies from home :(. This is Buck and little Pup. I love dogs so much. I had a miniature beagle all growing up named Butter. She was my friend--I got her as a gift for my 8th birthday and she was a part of my life till I was a sophomore in college. She was the most amazing dog in the whole wide world! Its so special what dogs bring to us, isn't it?? :) Okay hope to see you there! xx


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