Monday, September 29, 2014

Office Space Inspiration

Being a wife in the first month of marriage has many ups...many more ups than downs I dare say. It's pure bliss. Not only being with your man all the time (duh) but also to create wonderful spaces. Having your own place where you don't have your mom saying..."um no, can't put that there..." (sorry mom, you're the best :)). Also not having any dumb college roommates that you have to coordinate with (sorry girls). It's just nice to call a place your own. And by the way, my mom has the best taste ever and I totally miss being surrounded with beauty all the time! But one down to being first married is that you're broke as hell... can't afford too much pretty things (you gotta be creative). Which is actually really fun :). So my first step to that creativity is to hit up my bff, Pinterest. I haven't been on in so long, but she is the kind of friend who is always there to give me ideas and inspiration. So thanks Pinterest. If you'd like to check out my lovely Pinterest page, you should. Click HERE

So I totally dig white decor...if you haven't noticed. In our little apartment, Brennan has his desk...his ugly ugly man desk. I can't do much about that right now...(but I'm working on eliminating it in the future...shhh don't tell him). But I have a little space too. I found this adorable white desk and chair at a boutique the other day so my work space is already coming along. Through these inspiration photos, too, I'm loving the frames! The different sizes, different edges, graphic art, mixed with great sayings and fonts. So today I went to the Salvation Army (my fav) and found this super cool vintage gold art deco frame. I switched out the old painting that was in it, and printed out a cool bold black and white print, saying, YOU MUST CREATE (seemed fitting right)? I am just going to keep adding to my new photo wall. I always think that the more fun and unique items that you can find and collect on a budget will be so much more satisfying than simply buying all standard frames for a not-so-fun price. It's like going on a treasure hunt...and who doesn't like those? 

Another idea that you can do is find an old frame at your local Salvation Army and take out the backing and repurpose it into a chalk board by using plywood and chalkboard paint. This is super simple way to spice up your work space by creating a super cool inspiration board or to-do list. You can also similarly take out the backing of the frame and put in cork board and pin your favorite magazine and catalog photos for other inspirations. 

Note: These are not my original images. All images found through Pinterest Page.

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  1. I purchased lots of different frames, spray painted them white and put in family photos. I need to update them .Then printed a vinyl quote. Ignore the crooked photos...Shoot, it won't let me copy the photo. I will post it on FB and tag you. Glad you are enjoying being married.

  2. I have been trying to decide what kind of office space to have in my home. I really like all the white desks and the pops of color. I hope that I can get my office put together is such an attractive way. I need my space to be functional but I also want a place that I enjoy spending time.


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