Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Honeymoon Snaps

Happy Wednesday! I compiled a few (and a few more ;)) of our honeymoon iPhone photos. I didn't want to Instagram overload, so here we go :)! If any honeymooners need any advice on what to do--where to go, let me know! We did a lot of things and went on lots of adventures. We first went the the Big Island, then traveled on over to Maui. I had never been to the Big Island before and I actually like it a lot more!! It's less "resortey" than Maui. It's super dramatic minute you'll be driving in the hot sun passing black lava rock for what looks like miles, then all of a sudden, you climb up a hill and you're in a lush green rainy jungle. On this island we rented a blue mustang convertible (so fun) and drove lots of places around the island. We went through quaint little towns, ate at all the local dives, checked out the antique shops (Brennan is so sweet for doing this with me :)), snorkeled, and hiked to beaches where we were the only ones on the beach.  

When we went to Maui, we decided not to do really anything. We had done so much on the Big Island, on Maui, we just laid on the beach and lounged at the pool. One of my favorite things we did in Maui though, was going to the Old La' Haina Luau. It was incredible!! Unlimited food, drinks, and the performance was beautiful. It made me want to become a hula dancer ;). Also on our last day there we drove up the coast, and snorkeled at each major stop. At the last stop, Brennan and I swam with 8 turtles! It was incredible. These turtles were huge and one of them had a little baby! They were feeding right up by some rocks on the reef. It was absolutely incredible. Also at that beach, I found lots of treasures, as you can see in my previous post. I love seashell hunting at any beach I go to :). 

Okay. Let's talk food. Also, if you're in Maui YOU HAVE TO GO TO THE Poke Shack. If you like Poke, this will blow your mind. I have never had Poke, but now I'm in love. So granted I don't have many other poke eating experiences :)...but seriously it's amazing. Also. Hula Grill's Pono Pie. Best thing I ate the whole honeymoon. I loved this so much. The night we decided to go to Hula Grill, I just had to try the Pie because it was Gluten Free, Dairy Free, and even Sugar Free. I know you're saying, "oh Emily, that doesn't pass for dessert..." but trust me. It is beyond delicious. It's like a cheesecake/ice cream texture with coconut, macadamia nuts, honey, and breadfruit. So good. But after the night we went there for dinner and had this, we went every night after that, just to get the Pono Pie :). 



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