Friday, June 6, 2014

Engagement Photos Part 1

Hi my darlings! Okay so I've moved. States. I've started a new (old) job back at Anthropologie in Newport Beach. I graduated (Hallaw!!!). I'm engaged. I've been kind of busy :). And okay so you know when you move, you always forget that one thing...yes, well, that one thing was my computer charger (and like 5 yoga pants, undies, socks, the works)...but anyways, I've been computer-less...not to mention, internet-less, tv-less, everything-less, actually! My new apartment is super nice, but since my car is kinda small, I could only pack the essentials in the first trip. And we all know what 'the essetials' are, now don't we? Let's just say my new closet is nice and full :). Anyways, the break from technology actually has been nice, and I recommend that everyone do it on occasion. I had a lot of time to think and to pray and to process everything that has been going on. To have a break from this whole "technology realm" is nice. It gives you a time to refocus, recenter, further connect with people, and remind ourselves that we actually live in a world that can function without all of that technology :). that my computer and I are both recharged :), I'm ready to get back to it! I've been dying to share these engagement photos taken by Lauren Ristow Photography. She's amazing! So be patient with me, I'm going to post like three...or four parts to this shoot. There are just too many favorites to share in one post! Hope everyone's doing well! xo 

Outfit Deets for Me and Brennan. Click the link to own it yourself!

Dahlia Peplum Top (On Sale at Anthro right now!)  //  Cutoffs (Similar Here)

Have a beautiful weekend! 


  1. Hello Sweet Sister! These photographs of you and Brennan are incredible! You both look so happy :) I cannot wait for the two of you to be married! I know that your life has been crazy lately but you are handling everything with such grace and flexibility. I miss you like crazy and cannot wait to give a great big hug!

    Love you,

    1. Oh my didder. I miss you dreadfully! I wish you were here with me! I am so proud of you for being so obedient to the Lord. I see Him working in your life and He has amazing plans for you! I can't wait till you come stay with me (hopefully). And p.s. you have a bachelorette party and intimate shower to plan!! :) :) :)

  2. What fun photos! Love your floral top! So colorful! :)


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