Friday, June 20, 2014

Wedding Wear 101

So wedding season is definitely upon us. I'm getting married in 64 days!!!! But not only do I have my own wedding, but I am going to another three. So I thought I'd put together some ideas for all of those brides out there that need ideas of what to wear to their bridal showers. It isn't required but as a rule of thumb, brides should wear ivories, whites, and creams. Soft color palettes. It doesn't have to be a solid white, but something soft and bridal! So, look no further, here are my picks. You can't go wrong with any one.

Now, for all of the bridal shower/ wedding attendees out there, here are a few options for you as well. Leave the full white lace get-up at home and save it for the bride. But please, go all out, on a little pink or floral number! It's a bridal shower, wear happy! For summer, the big and bright floral prints are really in and super adorable. I would probably advise you not to wear just seems weird to me. Even though this isn't as traditional anymore, black still reminds me of mourning (and p.s. bridal showers are no place to mourn ladies!). Try to stay in the range of bright pinks, oranges, soft blues, or yellows. If you know the brides colors, you can always try and find something that matches the theme of the wedding. I'd probably advise this as your outfit for the wedding, the bridal shower isn't as serious to match the brides color theme.

Hope you love all the picks! Have a great weekend! xo

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