Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Take Me Away...

Alas...there are more. Because I know you were DYING to see more engagement photos ;)...I figured I have to give the people what they want hehe. This was near the end of the photo shoot and Brennan started to get a little silly. A man can only go so long taking photos...ladies, you know what I'm saying?? But umm... he doesn't look so silly. He looks pretty dang hot to me :) 

Photos again are by the amazing photographer and friend, Lauren Ristow. Wardrobe styled by me.

With this shoot, I just went super simple and wore my First Kiss Dress (linked below too) with the Black Minimal lace up heel. For Brennan, I just had him wear a simple v-neck tee from Urban Outfitters and ripped jeans... (one of the hottest looks on a guy...agree??) Paired them with these super cool sneaks from Nordstrom (linked below).



Shop the post below as well and if you want some extra styling, I attached some fun necklaces and a scarf (for the Fourth of July) below! 

the rancher's daughter


the rancher's daughter

the rancher's daughter, engagement photos

love, emily goswick, the rancher's daughter



  1. Whoa! You are a ridiculously good looking couple! The closeups of you are amazing!
    : signe : the daily savant :

  2. Wow! Awesome photos! Very cute!


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