Friday, June 13, 2014

Engagement Photos: Part 3

I told you you'd be sick of engagement photos ;) Here's part 3! For this wardrobe change, I just went super simple and super bridal :)...wearing this Lace Romper from Anthropologie and having him wear a simple white v-neck and ripped jeans. Made it a little more interesting with wearing bright floral wedges and carting around a very sad looking balloon. So funny! I wanted those big adorable balloons for the shoot, and when I went to go have it pumped up...apparently the lady didn't fill it very much because it never floated. Sad. But we made the best of it and kicked it up really fast, and then Lauren would take a pic. It's things like these that made life a little comical, don't you agree? :) Happy Friday Lovelies! 



  1. Okay these are SO cute. I love the balloon. It adds a really cute and whimsical touch.

    1. Thanks sweetie! It was a little bit of a sad balloon but it did the trick :) Have a good week! xo

  2. Your engagement pics are beautiful!!!

  3. Hi there!! These are beautiful!! This is totally a long shot, but I have been dying to find that romper since last summer and was wondering if you would at all consider selling it! I actually wanted to get it for my bridal shower, coincidentally! Anyways, please feel free to email me if you consider! Thanks so much:)



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