Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Changes

One of the biggest reasons why I love spring so much is because of all of the flowers that are in season. Some of the most beautiful flowers (I think) are bulbs and only come out once a year. Of those favorites, peonies are among the best. I just had to photograph them. I added a couple of shots from around the house. I'm getting so excited to decorate my own apartment! I've obviously been away from home since high school and had college dorm rooms to decorate, but it isn't the same as getting your first place with your husband-to-be! We decided not to live together till we are married, so I'll be in our apartment a few months before he moves in after the wedding. I've lived with my mom all growing up and have gathered the best inspiration for home interiors, but I thought I'd take a few shots of around the house to remember it by. There are so many amazing memories in this house with my family, my sisters. My house was built in the 1880's and my two sisters and I shared a room all growing up. I'm sure everyone probably assumes I have a giant closet...but no haha. I had to share a closet my whole life, up until the time in college (which wasn't much added space, if you know what I mean!) But I wouldn't trade it for anything! It made my sisters and I have always gotten along, but also are the best of friends. The most exciting part about getting an apartment will be the fact that I will have my own closet...and a walk-in one, I might add! :) Getting married and leaving home to create your own is the most fun and special time in your life, but it is also a huge change! I'm super close with my family and love my home, and where I grew up, so it may be more challenging for me than others, but still I assure you, it is a change. Even though it will be a change, it will be a good one; different, but good different :).



  1. beautiful pics and flowers ;)

  2. Oh how beautiful! Spring is always a good time to re-decorate and bring a little cheer indoors!

  3. Hi Emily! I've been meaning to ask you this forever.. what kind of camera do you have and what do you use to edit photos? I love the filter!

    1. You are so sweet! Thank you! I use a canon 7d and I use Lightroom and Photoshop to edit :) let me know if you hVe any more questions!!


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