Monday, May 5, 2014

All Things Floral

So I've been MIA the last month, I apologize! My life has been so crazy, but crazy in a good way! I'm finishing up my BFA in photography (I finish in a week YAY), searching for apartments (moving back to California very soon!), transitioning jobs, squeezing in senior photo shoot sessions, and planning my wedding!! It's a wonderful time and I'm so very blessed from everything that the Lord is doing in my life. I hope everyone is doing well too :) I'd love to hear about anything you'd like to share! Speaking of sharing, I had to share these images of floral arrangements! I'm in the process of finding a florist and there are so many beautiful arrangements and styles of bouquets. I died. You will too. Take a peak :) My pinterest has more to see too! Have a wonderful night lovelies! 


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