Saturday, December 8, 2012

My Life Through Instagram

Hi my lovely readers! This is a quick update in my life through the photos of instagram. If you don't follow me on instagram: please do! My username is @egoswick. 

This first grid is a whole bunch of mirror pics, which are totally lame...but who doesn't do them, right? They are a catalog of my outfits for the last couple weeks at work. If you're interested in a look, look at the links below for outfit details. 

1. Hardcouture gypsy headpiece  //  Free People Necklaces  //  2. Anthropologie Blue Sweater // Hop Sing Gold Skirt   //  3. Forever 21 Polka Dot Sweater  //  Free People Tan & Black striped skirt  //  4. Anthropologie Belt (Worn as Headpiece)  //  Anthropologie Pink Necklace  //  5. Target Blazer  //  Free People Slip Dress  //  6.  Gel Nails (Maroon color with gold shimmer on top) :)  7.  //  8.  Anthropologie Hat  //  Anthropologie Tutu  //  New Mac nude lipstick  //  9.  Free People Polka Dot Top  //  Desigual Pants. 

This second set are my recent photo projects that I've been working on in school/ on my own. Be sure to check out my photography site at if you haven't yet!  

Details on shoots below! If interested in one, click the link! 

1. Boho Fab shoot  //  2. Developing a 4 by 5 negative of my hottie boyfriend in the dark room.  //  3. Playing with exposures: Strobe Lights 2  //  4. Film shot of Fevan in Featured in ZsaZsa!  //  5. My sister in Kat as Carrie Bradshaw  //  6.  Progress shot of my ceramic project!  //  7. Me on the ranch in Western Modernized   //  8. Another one of Kat in Kat as Carrie Bradshaw  //  9.  Flower Child shoot.


  1. wow! I love it all photos! Great!

    1. Thank you Eva! I love your blog too! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. lovely photos :)

  3. Hey dear:) first off, you are gorgeous! plus you have a great name haha I just added myself to your followers, and I would love if you could follow back maybe?? Also I’ll just leave the link to a RobertRose Necklace Giveaway  I’m having right now, in case you’re interested!

    See you there, and thanks so much beautiful!
    Xo, Emily

    1. Emily! I love your name too! And you are beautiful too! Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and for sharing your giveaway link!

      Have a great day sweetie,


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