Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Strobe Lights 2

Hi readers! Here are a few more from the Rachel shoot. I know, I know, they are a bit different for my usual work, but I'm trying to try new things! I normally don't shoot at night or use the strobes but, like I said, I'm trying things I'm not as comfortable with. I'm trying to go with a more fashion/edgy look also. Like I may have said before, I'm building my fashion portfolio this semester... so these are a part of that!

It's a work in progress for sure. Sometimes I struggle with wanting to be the best right now. I want to be successful right now! In my life, I always strive for perfection at the present time... which is good that I am determined and not lazy but this quality can also become a negative in my life. Lately I've been discouraged about my work and my abilities because I gather photo inspiration from so many amazingly talented photographers all day! And trust me, there are hundreds of talented and successful photographers out there. Then I get to comparing my work with theirs... my successes to theirs... it gets discouraging. So I need to keep in mind to focus on what good work I have done! I need to focus on the process and the growth that I can see in myself through my work. 

So whatever your dream or goals are in life, I know that it can be tough working hard day after day and not feeling like you are accomplishing anything. But keep going! Keep working hard! If you are passionate about what you do, hopefully one day all of your efforts will pay off and you will get what you have always wanted. (At least that is what I'm hoping for) :) 

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