Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Kat and Babes

Happy Tuesday Folks! This quick little post is a post with my sister Kat and the babes (baby). The baby belongs to our other family (the Wallaces). Babes is a troublesome baby and doesn't like me but he loves his. I swear, Kat, is the baby whisperer. She has an amazing gift! She is the sweetest, most loyal, most patient young woman I've ever met. I'm proud to be her sister :)...she definitely possesses some amazing qualities that I don't have! 

These pictures are from a trip that my family and the Wallaces took last week to Lake Powell...that I couldn't go to :(. Sad day. School is so busy and with working at Anthro I couldn't go, dangit. So, no I did not take these photos, my mom did. They were so beautiful I just had to post them :) 

Oh. And yes. This is my sister without makeup. She's gorgeous isn't she?! 

Have a good day everyone! 


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  1. oh hun !!!just love this post!!! you are the bestest sister....xoxoxo i miss you


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