Monday, October 8, 2012

Dinner Date!

Hi readers... Again I apologize for the inconsistency with posts!! I feel so bad. I miss blogging. I like having a defined schedule. Anyways, if you want to know what I've been doing with my it goes. 

Wake up at 7. Go for a run or a walk depending on how I feel that day. Class at 8, chapel, chiropractor, class again (photo 3), workout, homework, email, email, class (independent study), phone call, phone call, class again (ceramics), homework, email, see Brennan for a minute...go to bed. 


Then the other days I'm either working at Anthro!, doing class projects, homework, and networking (more emails and calls).

So you may ask, why all the phone calls and emails? Well, this semester I'm trying to build my photography website. More importantly I'm trying to build what is going on the site: Fashion images. My dream job of all dream jobs would be to someday become a photographer for Free People, Anthropologie, or really any other creative and beautiful fashion magazine. I love lifestyle/fashion images! So what I've been doing is trying to email every model in Los Angeles that will do a shoot for me for free :(. You'd think finding a model in Los Angeles is easy...but think again my friends. Sad for me. So if you know any models who are wanting to build their portfolio, have them email me! Another thing that I've been doing is emailing/calling photographers that I admire. That list goes on forever because I'm obsessed with a ton of people's work. I find new inspiration every day! Our world is so saturated with beautiful images...I hope that one day my images will stand out :). (little fun fact, I'm meeting Mark Hanauer tomorrow...he has photographed like every celebrity! His images are beautiful)

Okay. Done with my ranting. This post is not about all of that stuff. This post is about my date that I prepared for Brennan! My honey's birthday was in March... and we just celebrated it. Yes. I know. I win the bad girlfriend ribbon for the day... But I think I redeemed myself in this date. Here's what I did. Made him his own homemade whole wheat meat-lover's pizza and Coldstone treat for dessert! Two of his favorite things! I love to cook and I thought that this would be a great way to make him feel cherished and appreciated :). I also got him a Diesel watch. Yes. There we go... I've redeemed myself. And I made him a frame of 100 pictures of us together on different occasions. So many great memories that we've shared, so why not compile them and remember them all at once! So if there are any girlfriends out there in need of some creative way to make their bf feel special, this is the post for you! Hope you enjoy :). 

This one I made for him because his favorite color is purple. 

this one is for me and my room...because I love pink. and I love color. 

My little set up :). Had the dinner at his sweet grandparents house. 

Me and le' boyfriend :)

He's gettin ready to rumble. 

I made a gluten free pizza for me too! (this one looked a little funky, but tasted so yummy!)

Our view from the night. Couldn't have been more exquisite. 

Isn't he cute?!

That's it folks! Have a good night. 


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  1. hun you are a darling xoxoxo and i love the both of you so much!!!


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