Thursday, October 11, 2012


So as you may have learned from my recent posts, I got a job at Anthropologie. I love it! So fun! All the girls that work there are such dolls and I'm not just trying to be nice, they really are super sweet! I work at the one at Fashion Island. So if anyone is in the area, come see me! 

This post is just a few pics of my outfits for work recently. I apologize for the lame cell phone pics... I never do that. And I'm slightly embarrassed of it haha but I thought you may like some outfit inspiration. I'll put the non-cell phone pic first so it isn't as bad ;).

I'm mixing a lot of brands here. Hard Tail, Free People, Genie, Nicole, Desigual. As you know, I'm a boho chic girl all the way so I'm trying to integrate a more Anthro style look (feminine, tailored, womanly) into my outfits. 

Anthropologie's clothes are beautiful as all of you may know so please pray that I won't spend my whole paycheck on more clothes. Thanks :). 

Full Anthro Outfit :)

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  1. Well your summer wardrobe is certainly working out! You are uniquely outfitted for Anthro! Miss you beauty!!!


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