Monday, October 29, 2012


Hi everyone. Hope everybody's day went well! Today in California, I think we had our first "real" fall day. It was chilly when I woke up. I loved having my morning tea especially for this reason. I'm missing Arizona though, where we had the trees change color and had cool crisp days. I shouldn't complain though, because here, we have the beach. And lovely weather pretty much all the time. I had a perfect day for this photo shoot the other day. The sun was perfect, there was no wind, and no clouds...So thankful for that! 

This is Courtney. She is drop-dead gorg. Had so much fun getting to know her, styling her, and photographing her for this shoot. As you can tell, she's a natural. Take a look! 

Also, my site is up! Take a looksie if you haven't already :) 


  1. WOW! those pictures are absolutely stunning! Love the styling... What a great wardrobe you have for these subjects to play in! Your new site is sooooo impressive! If you ever move back to AZ... We have to work your business and mine together somehow! You are just so talented!!!! Love ya!

    1. Thank you!! I want to be back in Arizona! Hopefully that happens one day. You are so talented!! I miss you so much. Hopefully see you soon!


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