Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Morning Subtleties

As I'm sitting here in my bed in California all by myself, I'm reminiscent of nights going to sleep back home. I love feeling that safeness and calm when you are home.  I don't yet feel this in my new home. Back home, there was always my sister Katherine or Allie there right beside me. I miss that. I hate growing up sometimes. Growing up means no more late night sisterly talks. Because, sadly, they can't come to college with me. 

This is Katherine my younger sister. I made her sleep with me because we had watched a "scary" movie the night before. And by scary, I don't mean scary, I mean like action, blood, and gore...or Harry Potter haha. Yes. I know. I am such a chicken. Lord Voldemort scares me! Anyways, nothing phases my little sister so I always make her stay with me to protect me when we do watch something like that. 

This is her right when she woke up. No makeup. No brush. Just Katherine. The lighting was beautiful in the room so I just made her sit there for a quick photo sesh at 7:00 in the morning :). Perfectly normal right?  

Much love,


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