Monday, September 17, 2012

A Girl and Her Friend

This is Cassie. She is such a doll. I rode with her this summer at the rodeo. She carried the American Flag and I carried the Arizona one. It was so fun! And I'm so glad I met her not only because she is such a sweet person and fun to be with but also because I could do these photos for her! She wanted a shoot with her horse and so that is exactly what we did :) You can just tell they are great friends :)

These next couple photos of are her and her boy friend, Matt. You can tell they really love each other. I love to see couples like that! You'll want to stay tuned for more because I also did another shoot of this couple at Matt's request.... and trust me it's exciting!! :) 


  1. Emily I am soo happy to see these its been killing me waiting to see them lol! I am so so so excited! Your amazingly talented and I hope that your able to make it down next year!
    With Love,

  2. You are so precious! Thank you for your encouragement. I sent all of the photos out today so you should be getting them in a couple days. And I'll post the other shoot tomorrow :) :)! And I hope so too! I'm sure I'll be able to!

  3. So good! You have such an eye! The horse is absolutely perfectly utterly blue ribbon material! Love his color!

    1. Thank you!! :) he is a very photogenic pretty horse :)


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