Monday, September 10, 2012

Fall Fashions

Hi everyone! Here is a little fashion inspiration for you. I have paired my Horizon Hard Tail Velvet Dress with tall tan lace up boots for a great fall look. So take your maxi's from your summer wardrobe and pair them with some boots. Trust me, it'll look great. Just another fun versatile way to pair your summer clothes with some fall pieces. 

My mom took these photos out at the ranch. The location where I'm photographed is at this old old weighing scale and I remember as a little kid, this shack used to be me and my sisters "house" when we were playing. It was pretty fun. :) great memory. 

What did you used to play when you were little? Also, what are you most looking forward to for fall?

Have a good night everyone! 

XOXO Emily


  1. I had a clothes line house... But I was very territorial... Nobody was allowed in but me! Or else! Haaa! the saying ... Does not play well with others... Was my motto! I miss you! I miss your style, smile and salesmanship! Will you be home in mid Nov? I need a model for a fashion show! I want you!

  2. haha I love you. You are so funny.
    I miss you too! I am getting really jealous of your new Hop Sing girl! :( haha I wish I was still there! I'm wearing my military Desigual pants today and people are looking at me like I'm a weirdo :( Sad day! And I'm not sure about the Mid-Nov thing. Probably won't be :( But I'll make sure. Maybe if its around Thanksgiving I'll be there? I would love to do the fashion show for you!


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