Monday, September 24, 2012

Cinderella Wilder

Because of my inefficiency with posts last week I am making it up to you all that I give you a really good post today. It is so hard to do a post everyday on top of having a job (I got a job at Anthro!... post to come), a boy friend, working out, and 18 units of classes. I no longer have time to do a photo shoot everyday or bake something yummy and share it with you all... I guess that just happens in my dream world (or during the summer :)). But hopefully instead of having a post everyday, the days I do post, hopefully it'll be something grand! 

So without further adieu here you go. These photos are of me at this one-of-kind airstream chicken coop. This is all my mom's idea...I think I get my creativity from her ;). At least I'd like to think so. My mom is so creative and talented. She took these pictures as well. Random fact about me: I got into photography because of my mom and all of the beautiful pictures that she has taken of me and my sisters growing up.

We got our inspiration for this shoot from Princess Cinderella, of course, added with a hint of Laura Ingalls Wilder from the Little House on the prairie. Therefore I was Miss Cinderella Wilder. Pretty good combo I'd say :). 

This shoot is a special memory I'll always share with my wonderful mom! 

Till next time readers! 



  1. Ok really babe? Your the hottest chicken feeder I've ever seen! You are gorgeous and I love you

  2. Oh my gosh! How cute!

  3. Are you kidding? Soooooooo cute! Please share this one on Hop Sing! I love it!

    1. Will do :) The dress I am wearing...what's the brand of it, so I know for the blog?

  4. i cry...... i love you much ...xoxoxo

  5. emily you are so amazing i am so glad i got to know you!


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