Saturday, September 15, 2012

About Me!

Good afternoon everyone! So today I had a plan. I had a plan to go running in the morning, do all of my homework, finish my ceramics project, finish printing in the lab, and clean my room. Well... as of now... 3:00...I have not done one of those things. I always have the best intensions on Saturday's but it seems time and time again my plans do not go as planned! Anyone with me? 

Also, I have to go to Brennan's house or the library to get internet again since my internet isn't working again. So annoying. 

The one thing I had motivation to do today is edit photos and make a really great blog post for you all. But here's the kicker. I forgot my hard drive at my house and I'm at Brennans! Argghh!! My hard drive has all of my photos I'm working on on it. So yet again, I cannot do as planned with delivering a great post for today.

The one thing I do have for you is this new about me page I have been working on. Click on my "About" page to see all of it! Hope everyone likes it.

And I hope everyones Saturday is going well! If you are getting your plans done, I congratulate you and if not, I'm with ya! :) 


  1. Oh My Gosh! I've been to busy to keep up on your blog lately... But this is the most adorable thing I have ever seen! eVER! You are so cute! Great idea! Way to use the creative juice flowing through the system without the hard drive! Bravo! Do a fun one like that someday for the Hopster?.... Love!

  2. Aww thank you :) it took me a long time! I actually got the idea from Coral and her adorable blog. She has a similar one. I would love to start working on one for the Hopster :)


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